Micra: One of the best modern models by Nissan

It can be said that Nissan has a more modern concept than the concept cars the world in general. Indeed, Nissan is not too difficult to menwujudkannya. It can be seen from the latest variant of Nissan’s concept. Mirca 2017 to a figure of interest shown by Nissan. This car is an evolution of the Nissan March. This car can be regarded as the new Nissan March or also arguably Nissan Mirca.

Nissan inexhaustible make cars begaya modern, this time Nissan Motor Co. introducing mini hatchback that was launched in different places on Thursday (09/29/2016). On the special day of the press at the Paris Motor Show in 2016, Nissan introduced the Micra Gen5. The new Micra targeting the European market. Therefore, for the first time in 33 years. The new Micra model adopted Sway concept presented at the Geneva Motor Show 2015. The fifth generation Micra Nissan carrying Desai languages including typical V-motion grille, headlights look stern and much different from the existing models.

Nissan borrows technology Active Ride Control and Active Trace Control of Qashqai and X-Trail to be embedded in Nissan Mirca 2017, primarily to improve the ride quality and reduce understeer. In this new Nissan March, introduced brushless electric power steering system.

From the steering wheel, steering wheel Nissan Mirca has barred three circles, seems premium design-bottomed plate, wrapped in leather and various audio control buttons, connectivity gadgets and forth on the steering wheel crossbar. Cluster-meter behind the steering wheel, making Nissan Mirca more luxurious with bright colors and MID wide in the middle. From the contents of the device Mirca infortaimen 7-inch wide screen with 5-inch monitor in dalammnya appears already carrying the satellite navigation features and a wide range of connectivity including a CD player. Audio system is reportedly also compatible for Apple Car Play. Of Personal audio system advanced is associated with 6 speakers. Headlights consist of slick and modern kompinasi between the eyebrows and the LED projector lamp. Nissan March or Micra new model is built on the platform of CMF. This model will be a European spec, which is manufactured at Renault factory in Flins, France, starting this year.

Nissan Micra Gen5 is considered quite mempuni to get into the car market of Europe. So far it appears to be targeting Nissan to compete against market leader in the European class mini hatchback, Ford Fiesta and Volkswagen Polo, even with the Clio own. Micra Gen5 that looks more modern, style dynamic, and use some of the same features as the Renault Clio latest (Micra and the Clio assembled at the same plant). The exterior design of this new model looks quite similar to the Nissan Sway Concept which was introduced in the event the Geneva International Motor Show 2014.

In terms of dimensions Mirca have a pretty good thing, the dimensions of the car was changed over a length of 17 centimeters, 7.7 centimeters wider and lower 6.9. Dirubahnya these dimensions make this car longer and larger than the older version march. So that the contents of a longer cabin for passenger legs and body space is also more convenient. High-reduced may reduce headroom, but nissa already anticipated this by lowering the position of the passenger seat. Of larger dimensions and lower, the course will add to the stability of the car to accelerate down the road. Coupled with a sharp aerodynamic design and spoiler-like extensions of the body, will increase down-force that strengthens the tire to grip the road.

Fill exterior Mirca gahar appears to be more than its predecessor. Then the face-generation Nissan Mirca This 5 terihat much better because the main projector lamp design crisp and loaded with boomerang patterned chrome accents and LED, up to far more than feminine impression.

The composition engine is sufficient to support the currently launched, there was a choice of diesel engines of 1,500 cc or 900 cc 3-cylinder petrol turbo, both have a power of 90 hp, but there will be a version of the 1000 cc petrol engine non-turbo whose energy is only 73 hp. Not as good design is, but yaa … because of the nature of this 2017 Nissan Mirca should as a city car, the engine spec as such may be enough to bring it to divide the density of the city.

While Nissan Mirca 2017 will be assembled at the Renault plant in Flins, France, whilst awaiting the official sale in March 2017. It would be very cool if Nissan Mirca that this will be brought Nissan Motor on the world market to replace the existing March, the origin of the sound system Bose later should not be downgraded so sound system Tired, yes.

From Micra Gen5 body appear wider, lower and longer than the old version. Headlights sharp V-shaped front grille make it immediately attracted attention. The overall shape is very aerodynamic and Nissan, according to AutoExpress, claiming keofisien barriers to the wind just 0.29 Cd. Features the latest Micra also uses Nissan’s Pedestrian Detection products first in Europe to use it-that makes the car brake automatically if it detects pedestrians in depan.Nissan himself made two engine options for the fans Micra, which is a 1.5 liter diesel engine and the gasoline engine 900cc three-cylinder turbo. Both machines produce the same power, the 90 hp. The difference is the number of maximum torque, 140 Nm to 220 Nm petrol and for diesel engines.

Indeed, in terms impressed Mirca engine is still mediocre. However shape describes the energies that wild like a sports car, and it makes us suppose to drive a sports car. Do not think this car has an great power, Mirca basically remains the city car as usual. As mentioned above this car has Turbocharge 900cc, 3 cylinder, 90hp power, and the gasoline engine. There are 2 types of other machines. Turbocharge has 1.500cc, 4-cylinder, 90hp power, and a Diesel engine. have Turbocharge 1000cc, three-cylinder, 73hp power, and the gasoline engine. Various types of machine made Mirca increasingly varied to be sold to the world market.

Power from Mirca is not as compact hatchbacks like the Honda Jazz, but Mirca more than enough for everyday roam the city streets. With msein 900cc and 90hp power Mirca very comfortable to use on the highway town. It is very suitable car like this is used by those of you who like to wander the streets of a city.

Therefore Mirca likely to be many who ordered it. Viewed as a whole from the inside to the outside, Mirca is useful and gahar. But then we had to wait for him in the year 2017. Eating enjoy waiting for the arrival of this 2017 Nissan Mirca. And do not forget we are witnessing at the success Nissan Micra in the arena production of cars european, guys.

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