Cadillac Escalade competitors were really heavy

The American company is not endless to produce cars, Candillac is sala a subsidiary of automotive companies owned by GM the United States that was founded in 1902 by Henry m laleland which has its headquarters in detroit michigan united states, the cars they produce is always synonymous with indentations nice compact shape of the front grille and dimensions. Cadillac name taken from a French explorer of the 17th century named Antoine de la mothe, Monsieur de cadillac who have discovered Detroit in 1701.

Since its introduction, the Escalade is quickly becoming the standard among luxury SUV with a bold design formula, the strong capability and luxurious accommodation for up to eight passengers. Three previous generation luxury SUV led customers to provide status icons on it.

2015 Escalade starts production next spring in Arlington, Texas. The product line will consist of the standard Escalade models, as well as extended with pull ESV edition, which offers a wheelbase 14-inch-long (355 mm) and a length of about 20 inches (508 mm). Cabin space is maximized for third row passengers and cargo space 60 percent larger in the rear third row seats.

Escalade ESV in the category Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV), so it has a toughness laiknya off-road vehicles. But, Escalade ESV has luxury amenities plus features interior and exterior luxury body anyway. The dashboard is made from basic ingredients ebony and shale, there is also a layer of leather on the seats and door panels. Stir rod, and lever console and the door power window buttons covered with wood. For entertainment for the rider, Escalade equipped with Bluetooth and audio with 10 speakers in 10 points cabins. Booster 5.1 surround sound system, plus DVD monitor across the back seat.

Offered with 2WD and 4WD drivetrain, Escalade has a new engine 6.2L V-8 is more powerful and more efficient than previous models. This SUV is equipped Cadillac Magnetic Ride Control suspension system the fastest action in the world, which provides driving performance can be controlled.

One of the cars that are still in production by Candillac is the Cadillac Escalade. The car is equipped with a powerful V8 engine 6,2L powered with direct injection and variable valve timing technology. Fuel Economy 15/21 MPG in city and road TOL. Early appearance of this car in 1999 and until now the car is still in production.

In terms of interior, Candillac Escalade with wood clad material selection for the elegance and authenticity. Chair is engineered to be more comfortable. The new interior is dramatically quieter, thanks to a new body structure that is more powerful, the new acoustic materials and technology to muffle Bose Active Noise.

For the first time, will show the standard Escalade CUE. Central screen eight inches using capacitive touch technology and movement, enabling tapping and swiping common to smartphones and tablets.

Although the output of cars in 2015, but the car is still the number one class SUV. Luxury that this occurs valuable Escalade was made Candillac very expensive. New technologies Escalade include security features to protect occupants before, during and after a collision, such as Front and Rear Automatic Braking, which relies on radar technology, a short distance and ultrasonic sensors to help drivers avoid low speed collisions the front and rear through the development of warning that extend to complete braking, if necessary.

Cars Cadillac Escalade is a perfect combination of sophistication and high-tech SUV type car looks dashing course, still with headlamp design that still looks the same as the other series, has a 5-door car is also equipped with turn signal located at the rear view mirror, of course, the most grill striking is this car that looks great. The torque generated by 460 lb-ft, along with a power of 420 HP. Specifications include a 4WD drivetrain with a magnetic ride control that popular. Specifications outer strong enough with clever design and high block LED. Specifications it looks luxurious with leather seats and a cozy room.

The specification of this car, the new Cadillac Escalade will be available in two types: standard and extended-wheelbase format (with additional EXT). Only one engine is available, namely the GM 6.2 liter EcoTec3 with a V8 engine, generating 420 horsepower and 460 pound power swivel, available in 6 automatic transmission. Both were good 2×2 or 4×4 WD configuration will be offered kepasaran, make the Escalade new be better to drive than the previous model, with suspense coil-over new and 5 link rear setup, the track is longer, and the number of variations for the electric power steering and Cadillac Magnetic Ride Control system with 2 modes namely Tour and Sport modes.

Cadillac Escalade ESV has three models AWD 6.2L V8, 6.2L V8 Luxury Collection (AWD) and 6.2 V8 Premium Collection (AWD). Each has a capacity 6.200cc V configuration engine and all-wheel drive. The car is equipped with a navigation system, a camera on the back, plus Ultrasonic Rear Park Assit making it easier for motorists to park backwards. Under the bonnet there 6,2L engine capable of producing 403 hp at 5700 rpm and a maximum torque of 417 at 4,300 rpm. Escalade takes 8.2 seconds from 0-60 mph (97 km / h). At the wheel tires measuring 22 inches.

Furthermore the car is still said to be perfect because there are some shortcomings of this Candillac produkan. The car is said to be bad for the braking power is not good. Handling and fuel consumption is also wasteful. Not to mention the third row seats are too narrow. This car is quite expensive the price is falling. Fuel consumption was recorded of 5.5 km / liter.

Further, even though the luxury SUV is often dubbed the “King of Bling”. In America, Escalade identically as mounts basketball, hip-hop and rap as well as upscale business. Unfortunately, the luxury Escalade turned out false. The brakes are less grip makes this car more and add to its shortcomings, handling uncomfortable and cramped rear seats.

Therefore, this car is regarded as a luxury car from all directions. Reporting from Forbes, the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released the lists cars that harm the environment because CO2 emissions are large and wasteful of fuel. Therefore only certain people who want to have this car. Because it will drain a lot of the pockets of motorists Candillac Escalade.

Behind the advantages and disadvantages of this car, this car turns many who want to steal it. Thus the car Escalade features another carry-over from the Tahoe / Yukon, but the most important of Escalade that changes to the system Security / Security. There intrusion sensor, inclination sensor and glass breakage sensors. Not only security disuport by OnStar to help mechanic mania track the location of vehicles, even if the car is stolen, mechanic mania can track and locate the thief.

If you want to have this luxury SUV car prepared to drain the pocket rather in, guys.

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