BMW M2: Lively and casual

BMW M2, it deserves to be recognized as one of the best cars in its class. Not just anyone to say it. This car shows the elegance and opulence accurate. In terms of body and engine should we say good. From the curves of the car BMW M2 dynamic and aerodynamic carries the soul (being present), this car has all that is needed. Simply super if you are still looking for the car’s shortcomings. Or maybe you are looking for shortcomings, have not felt it feels to drive a car on this one. Simply look and drive was this one car. Then you will feel it is not forgotten. More details about this car, we will consider the article BMW M2.

From the beginning BMW is always filled with icon engine sportscar with a wild and fun handling but was designed with a compact. Call it a BMW 3.0 CSL, BMW M3 E30 and BMW 2002 Turbo. These cars would be familiar in the eyes petrolhead because precisely they are the ones that make consumers interested glances brand’s propeller. Plus this generation is the first generation being concept cars of various BMW M-division gliding recently, one of which is BMW M2.

We start at the launch of its newest. Since jaunuari ago, the BMW family finally got a new member who has been eagerly awaited. BMW M2, high-performance sports coupe that was launched at the global level at the Detroit Auto Show. From first glance, the two-door car framelessberwarna blue (the official name of the color is Long Beach Blue) it would be easy to make the lovers drive to fall in love again and again. M being used to this car is the motorsports and M also symbolizes emotion. BMW M2 whose presence has long awaited a new entry point range line-up M.

This model is a bit much enough to attract attention, because despite its status as the younger brother of the BMW M4 however present the “savage his” M4 with such compact hatchback body generally, oh yes plus rear-wheel drive as well. As the successor to the BMW 1M Coupe. But this car is rather a successor to the BMW 2002 Turb. So here’s a fresh look emergence of the latest BMW M2. Speaking in the display, then the BMW M2 will be much more unsightly than the BMW 1M Coupe that tends not very good from the outside conditions.

From the outside, the car looks compact. Reminiscent of the heyday BMW E30 series in the 1980s. Its basic form is similar to BMW 2-Series, the two-door coupe, but with various changes and touches that make M2 look more muscular, muscular, and ready whipped on the tarmac.

Given the dark side closer, albeit in a compact view though, BMW M2 gives an aura similar to BMW M4. Raut fierce, muscular lines, which are so bulging hood and large sized feet 19 inches, even BMW M235i Coupe will look very polite when juxtaposed with the M2. Well, actually I hope that a little bit like the BMW M3 E30 Widebody but it was not done. Lol. Even so true BMW M2 is already 64 mm wider and 71 mm longer than the older generation BMW M235i Coupe.

Regarding the interior unfortunately it did not differ much compared M235i Coupe. Just a different panel instrument cluster, leather steering wheel design with hollow, blue contrasting stitching are scattered on all the surface of the leather seats. There is also the addition of the carbon-fiber trim and Alcantara style. These additions are very well perceived by the rider. It also adds the impression of adequate comfort with the price of cars BMW M2. It is not possible this car will indeed be very comfortable and cool to your users.

From the exterior, the most noticeable difference compared to a standard 2-Series which is on the face. Apron (bottom bumper) M2 is equipped with three front air suction hole is large for supplying air for cooling the engine, turbo, and transmission oil. As a result, look M2 look like vicious grin.

On the side of the front fender also equipped with “gills” with the emblem of M2, which characterizes the cars class M in BMW. Fender rear also looks more bloated to accommodate the 19-inch diameter alloy wheels wrapped in tires with a tread width of 265 millimeters, or 2 centimeters wider than the front tire. Four exhaust spout at the rear add to the look of this car gahar.

M2 has dimensions of 4,468 mm long, 1,984 mm wide and 1,410 mm high and the distance antarsumbu front wheels and rear 2693 mm. Also mentioned in the specification data, the closest distance to the ground (ground clearance) is 123 mm or about 12 cm. Quite low, but still safe for through the bumps are not too high.

The smallest M series is equipped line 6-cylinder petrol engine capacity of 3000 cc. M TwinPower Turbo engine is equipped with a twin-scroll turbocharger and Valvetronic and Double VANOS technology. The engine power is channeled to the rear wheels via a seven-speed transmission M double berkopling (DCT) Drivelogic technology laced.

More specifically, Interestingly BMW M2 Coupe 2016 itself is also designed with a special technology that is ready for use on the race track but still tailored for highway use, especially in urban areas. Cool car is equipped with engine capacity of 3.0 liter with technology BMW M Twin Power Turbo is claimed capable of producing power to 370 hp at 6,500 rpm rotation and peak torque to 465 Nm at 1400-5560 rpm. Not only that torque can also be increased to 500 Nm thanks to the presence of overboost the use of which is supported by the transmission 7-speed M Double Clucths with Drivelogic.

To avoid confusion, the engine are relied upon by BMW M2 is a kitchen runway M2 uses TwinPower Turbo six-cylinder inline engine with a capacity of 3 liters is removing the power up to 370 hp and torque of 465 Nm on the level of engine speed of 1,400 rpm to 5,560 rpm, equipped overboost function for melonjakkan torque up to 500 Nm at 1450-4750 rpm engine rev.

With the engine makes the BMW M2 Coupe can accelerate to top speed to 250 km / h and to reach speeds of 100 km / h takes only 4.3 seconds. According to Lim it strongly convinced BMW’s latest car to be well received by the consumers of the country and is expected to attract new customers young age active and dynamic.

Jodie O’tania, Head of Corporate Communications Department BMW Group Indonesia, said the presence of M2 is targeted to fill the market segment for consumers younger and vibrant. Clearly, M2 will heat up competition in the high-performance compact car segment.

For more advantages, BMW M2 has a satisfaction for its customers BMW provides service inclusive of the BMW M2 which includes free maintenance service for five years or has reached 60,000 km as well as a warranty for 36 months with no mileage limitation. Not only that the BMW Group also ensures the vehicle tires is provided for 3 years which includes tire and labor costs. So if the tire is torn or deflated during the trip it will be replaced immediately with the original.

Please note this time BMW Indonesia already has 10 product series M are marketed in the country ranging from the M3, M4 Coupe, M5, M6 Coupe, M6 Gran Coupe, the M6 Gran Coupe Exclusive, the BMW X5 M, X5 M Exclusive, X6 M and X6 M Exclusive. As for the latest model in addition to presenting the BMW M2 Coupe in next May BGI will also release the BMW X1 is an elegantly designed SUV.

Exclusively for BMW M2 Coupe specially created for consumers who like a fast car but still comfortable to use. This elegant looking car carrying a very attractive exterior like a hallmark of Series M. No lag in the legs had been pinned black wheels measuring 19 inches while the stern there is a dual exhaust is located in the rear bumper.

There are also other advantages of BMW M2 is that there are several modes with different sound character. Among them comfort, SPORT + SPORT up being the most fierce. Do not stop there alone, BMW M2 can also be drifting so that the driver can feel the sensation of driving fun. It made a sound interesting character displayed by BMW M2. Very nice if we listen to it, do not make us as users feel uncomfortable.

BMW complete with features M Dynamic Mode (MDM) that enables the car to walk sideways or oversteer in a long time as drifting. MDM delineate the tire to lose traction or slip widened, so the driver can do a drift, but only up to the limits of reasonableness. Dynamic Stability Control (DSC), will take over if the oversteer past the critical point. M Dynamic Mode (MDM) is urgently needed for this class cars and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) to stabilize the condition of the car when mengedarainya.

BMW M2 also carries the run flat tire technology. That is, in the trunk owners will not find the spare tire. It must be known to consumers, the article to drive a car on the road without a spare tire included in a criminal act according to Law No. 22 of 2009 on Road Traffic and Public Transport.

Excess outside the engine and the body, the BMW has the facility of each tire is also secured BMW car insurance for three years. That means, every owner of M2 has a quota of four replacement tires that can be claimed if the tires were broken car on the road. Wah. Amenities enough to be enjoyed by the BMW M2. However, terms and conditions apply.

How their money should be paid? In the UK, BMW M2 setting the price at £ 44.070. Quite expensive as well so it turned out. But if you intend to buy. Then you certainly will not be disappointed with this one car.

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