BMW i3, a new innovation of energy-saving cars

The manufacturer BMW has made a variety of car types and models of products. This time BMW makes a newest innovation BMW i3. Electric car from BMW is all controlled electrically, and a lot of carbon fiber that is used on this vehicle. BMW i3 be the first order list that deserves the title of best in the world of electric cars. But it may not be enough. In the UK last year, the electric car has met one percent of the commodity market. It is not likely that the presence of electric cars in the world will grow rapidly.

According to Wikipedia this car is designed with a mileage of official BMW i3 is 130 to 160 km (80 to 100 mi) in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC), and can reach 200 km (120 mi) to the most efficient driving mode. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the mileage of this car is 124 miles per gallon of gasoline equivalent -MPGe- (1.90 L / 100 km; 149 mpg imp). BMW also supply small engines additional 2-cylinder 647 cc petrol tank small function if the battery level was below the specified point, this machine will act as a generator to produce additional electricity so that the distance can reach 260 to 290 km (160 to 180 mi ) under everyday conditions.

BMW i3 electric car is expected to be a solution to solve the problem in the middle of urbanization is expected to increase by more than 70% in 2050. The BMW i3 and claims as a car with no emissions at all. Not only that, and do it so perfect car manufacture with environmentally friendly processes in factories to power plants (hydropower). Finally, while the operation is performed in Leipzig, Germany, in pure vegetable sources of energy from wind power that is free of CO2.

Not too qualified for the type of car that is already kelaur market. With cc small size that does not lose small as well. Lol. This car can go fast, not least with the cars engine. It is not possible at any time electric cars will be liked by the people. All right, we go further ketahap.

I3 concept car launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 and the production version appeared in July 2013. The selling price of this car in the US is US $ 42,275 without government incentives, and additional optional add US $ 3,850 machine. Prices in Germany start at € 34.950 (US $ 46,400), and in the UK GB £ 30.680 (US $ 47,195). Sales i3 third position among all electric cars sold worldwide in 2014. Sales of the i3 passed 25,000 units in May 2015. It is quite expensive for this type car city car, but the advantages gained from this car is useful. Besides saving energy, this car has a design that is small and not too anxious when driving.

The uniqueness of the BMW i3 makes such success stories is likely to continue with the introduction of 94Ah battery in the BMW i3 and i3 Range Extender mode. BMW i3 94Ah 60Ah replace the current models and have a large capacity storage density thanks to a higher power than lithium ion sel¬sel. Dimensions battery fixed and unchanging, but has a 50% greater power based on the standard NEDC cycle. The power is equivalent to drive as far as 195 miles in everyday activities. The electric motor in the BMW i3 could catapults the car from zero to 100kpj in just 7.3 seconds, making electric vehicles i3 as the most efficient and fastest in its segment. The latest technology in an innovative battery.

Good enough for the class of this German-made electric cars. Then connect the explanation of battery it uses. High-voltage battery in the BMW i3 consists of eight modules (masing¬masing with 12 individual cells), and its capacity has increased significantly without changes in the structure or exterior dimensions. By optimizing the package sel¬internal with more electrolyte and adapt the active ingredient, BMW has managed to increase cell capacity up to 94Ah and overall battery energy up to 33kWh. When BMW i3 94Ah battery in full condition, i3 can be used further (195 miles).

Special battery that is designed by BMW, to perform the function of energy storage and durability without adding weight itself. One of the key length of endurance performance is the battery of air cooling system, which is responsible for cooling the battery New Cars. An optional heating system can also be used to heat the battery to ensure optimal operating temperature of 20 ° C before moving the vehicle. The battery has been designed to last for life¬time car service. Consumers receive a battery warranty for eight years or 100,000 miles. The procedure of making and battery life BMW i3 has been considered carefully by the manufacturer. Regenerative energy has been used for four models of the BMW i series around the world, with 50% less water consumption and 70% less wasted energy than other conventional vehicles. This vehicle start on the market in July 2016 with a tag for uS $ 40.425.

It is unique in the UK, quoted If you want to feel the BMW i3 electric car, but is not planning to buy it, not to worry because now consumers can use services offered DriveNow. Companies engaged in the service of car sharing or some sort of rental car was entering i3 as a fleet of new. There are 30 units of the new BMW i3 customers can use. However the service was only limited effect in the City of London, England. Similarly, as quoted from autoevolution, Wednesday (20/05/2015). This innovation is also done as a way of dealing with congestion of the city. In addition, the design of the BMW i3 petite fit with urban traffic conditions. In addition to London, DriveNow will also present this car in Germany and major cities in Europe. Before you feel the sensation of driving an electric car of the future, consumers first need to register as a customer. Not say how much the rental price to use this car.

From this it is not possible car BMW i3 to be excellent for sightseeing convenient. There is also according to the news that the addition could fill more gasoline, the owner also could rearrange the battery so the battery can be minimized power usage and mileage farther than standard batteries. In addition to giving benefits to the engine, another feature that can be used after the BMW i3 hacked are facilities wave AM radio, video playback via USB, replacing the initial display infotainment system and replace the seatbelt warning alarm tone.

As written by Leftlanenews, no news as valid whether these actions would immediately abort warranty BMW i3 which has been hacked. If you look at the experience it already anyway, should fall yes. Manufacturers which would guarantee the items that have been tampered with to its roots? If the standard is still the manufacturer, clearly they can guarantee.

Other advantages of the BMW i3 is a lithium-ion battery that stores energy for the German car believed to be able to make the BMW i3 roam between 130-160 km before it must be recharged energy.

On the other hand, the BMW i3 also has a two-cylinder engine capacity of 650 cc. 35 hp gasoline-powered engine will serve as a generator to make this car is able to roam up to 300 km. When power is up, the car is able to recharge the battery to 80 percent in just half an hour through a port-powered 50 kW while to fully charge the energy take up to 6 hours when using BMW i Wallbox and 8 hours when using a socket that is normally found in the home , For weight, the BMW i3 weighs only 1,195 kg thanks to the use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. Distribution weighs 50:50 to keep the balance of the car. His body was later supported by MacPherson front suspension and 19-inch rims wrapped in 155/70 R19 tires.

But do not be mistaken if this car does not have the power. Judging from the performance of this car With adequate technological features, and how the driving performance of this car? Very nice is the answer. Thanks to carbon fiber construction, BMW has made a very effective weight loss. Heavy steering wheel of an electric car is only as big as 1,195 kg, while the range-extender version has a weight of 1.325kg. The electric motor capable of spraying power of 170hp, which means capable of producing lively acceleration up to 99.7 km / h in 7.2 seconds and 7.9 seconds for each version. Top speed of the car is limited to 149 km / h. For daily use on city streets, this is the right car. This car can run fast, super responsive and super smooth because no displacement gear or gear, so the sound of the car is very smooth.

There is also one of the most attractive features of the BMW i3 is $ 1,000 Discount parking. The trick is to press a button using ultrasonic sensors, this car will find and then parked his own car with just 22 inches of extra space. A car that can park itself is not new, but the BMW i3 could do with a complete procedure and does not require the driver to perform gas or braking. This car has been tested, and the results can be parked perfectly roadside although there are other cars. Viewed from this aspect will be very beneficial for the users who do not want to bother to look for a parking space is cramped.

We wait for the next production of the manufacturer BMW, could be better and more modern. Although it would not be better than the current i3, this car has been representing the modern and innovative design. It is making a better future for the production of electric cars with lead. Save energy becomes the main point of the production of this one car. We wait for the guys. See you.

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