All New Discovery Land Rover is more lightweight

Again, the British manufacturer showed the latest model of his latest Discovery SUV. Land Rover does not get enough supply of this box-shaped model. The latest SUV models will have three lines with a capacity of 7 passengers. This model will be officially on sale in mid-2017 in the United States, with the tag of USD 49 990.

Land Rover was produced from 1989-present, is not a lot of changes that occur in the body land Rover. With the shape of the box and added accents of English elegant. Land Rover still remains a cult for men in the world to own this car. Not berlebihna if we praised the toughness and the luxuries provided by desainner England. It is not impossible that the car has become the belle of Discovery SUV class.

Land Rover is included in one of the most advanced SUV in terms of both design and interior. Land Rover design is greatly influenced by Rover Evoque and Disovery Vision Concept. Do not mistook, the base car is equipped with monocoque steel super lightweight in the body of its own equipped with aluminum material mounted on the hood of a car, on the roof of the car, the back door of the car and also on the wing of the car. So with such completeness that the car’s weight can be reduced up to 1,819 kg and in comparison with the previous series Discovery lighter up to 900 kg.

But for the lover in the UK, car bongsor can already owned in the spring of 2017 with the official 43 495 pounds. Diungkpakan that the All New Discovery Land Rover will offer upscale comfort, the best security, and will be the best ever pave SUV. Even Land Rover sure this model will be the champion ‘Best SUV in the world’. This latest Land Rover SUV will have a very light weight, thanks to the use of lightweight aluminum materials. Even these materials will make the fifth generation can be lighter up to 480 kg, compared with existing models.

Light load is claimed will make cars more efficient and environmentally friendly by having lower CO2 emissions. Luxury interior will also be presented with a capable integrated via smartphones, semi-autonomous driving, trunk wide, 9 USB Ports, 3G WiFi hotspot, and equipped with InControl Touch Pro 10-inch infotainment system. For a Land Rover posture fairly compact. However, a design pattern typical Land Rover is still imprinted on the front. Clear glass on the headlights as if to describe the beauty of the design. Even with a panoramic roof. Solid impression shown by the hood dome, classical-style grille, and bumper sporting. Ornaments taillight shame not to enjoy the design detail.

In terms of the Interior; Land Rover Discovery is equipped with a 5 + 2 seat so special to be used for 7 adults. For seats in the second row you can go forward and rewind the seat up to 160 mm so if you want leaning comfortably and stretched both legs can retrace your needs, also on the part senderannya can be lowered according to your needs.

On the dashboard itself is equipped with a screen for entertainment purposes width 8 inches and had a touchscreen, it is one of the head-up display that is quite sophisticated. Not only that, on the dashboard was already equipped with the gear lever in the style of pop ups and also added a key instrument in the center console so that users Land Rover Discovery car is very easy and convenient. Impressed dashboard design elegant and clean very comfortable and suitable for families. Land Rover Discovery cabin design is one of the best and made from material selection makes the Range Rover is elegant and luxurious.

Do not forget also about the safety of Land Rover gives advantage of new multilink system at the rear axle not only the driving dynamics but also create more versatile rear cabin space thanks to the compact size of the part. Discovery Sport suspension is designed to be more comfortable and dynamic, but still mighty off-road terrain.

Safety is the next factor to consider. Airbag not only for passengers but also for pedestrians. This is the first in its class. Then there is an autonomous emergency brake plus steel body and aluminum frame is lightweight and strong.

Luxury cars are already available in 2017 is already equipped with a kitchen runway outstanding so do not wrong for a long time and the acceleration is not just a matter of seconds had sped with incredible speed. Land Rover Discovery uses a 2.0 liter turbocharged petrol and 2.2-liter turbodiesel are both already in the adoption of advanced technology into a system that is a start-stop engines, propulsion systems sophisticated all-wheel drive and high-pressure direct injection. Type of both gasoline and diesel engine equipped with a choice of transmission by using a 9-speed automatic and has a 6-speed manual.

Luxuries presented by Land Rover is very good in terms of its interior. Will not regret it if you have a car this one. And do not confuse it for filling other things in the interior. Very quite luxurious and dynamic displayed by this car. The atmosphere of luxury continues inside. Thick steering wheel design directly reminiscent of other JLR products. Sporty instrument panel LCD display is not full as we’ve ever seen in the Range Rover Vogue. Fitting and comfortable seating position thanks to a regulator electrical bench classy leather clad driver.

In short, the Land Rover Discovery powered by diesel engines that generate displacement TDV 6,3L around 2993cc and a basic version of this vehicle. More lenkap again we will consider the bottom;

The machine that carried by this SUV gasoline engine 3.0-liter supercharged V6 LR4. The machine used is capable of spraying 340 PS. Or turbocharged V6 diesel engine capable of spitting out 254 hp and has a torque of 600 Nm. Even the choice of Ingenium 2.0 liter diesel engine (SD4) for the entry level will also be provided. These machines will be capable of spraying 240 PS. As well as the selection TD6 6-cylinder engine capable of spraying a 340 PS V6 engine like gasoline.

Power generated by the engine of this vehicle is around 180kW at 4000rpm with a torque of about 600Nm at 2000rpm. It makasimal achievement of this car. Judging from its shape which is not the kind Pajero car or other major. With such power, this car can run fast without worrying about comfort when driving. Indeed, suitable for car lovers of elegant respite.

The transmission speed of this car is 6 and fully automatic with command shift gears providing a very smooth driving experience. This makes the driver feel kenyamana when handling or speeding down the road. Quite nicely if the transmission is relied upon by Land Rover is no interruption while changing gears at high speed. Dah it makes the driver to increase safe and comfortable.

Talk about the wheel, he was not as soft as his more established. But it feels good for those who like to drive myself. Control is not disappointing. Indeed, posture straight SUV haunt when maneuvering quickly. But they can be well controlled.

The version that we try to own the Start / Stop, ECO mode, parking camera in all directions, and Hill Descent Control. Including stability control can be switched off and the parking brake electrically. A new toy worth trying fan JLR.

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